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Complimentary Real Estate Tour


This comprehensive real estate tour takes 2 hours.   We are told our tours are fun and the most informative tours our clients have ever taken; and are especially beneficial if you are planning to purchase a vacation home. work or retire here (either full-time or part-time).


This tour is perfect for…

  • Those looking for properties on behalf of a potential buyer or tenant
  • Those who are planning to rent first and / or perhaps buy later
  • Those who are planning to live and / or work here and need a quick and informative overview of the area, services, how to get around, introduction to other expats, and learn more about the culture and people
  • Those who are working with other agencies


You will be personally picked up at your resort or vacation rental, at around 9:00 AM and dropped back off.  You will also be provided with an overview of all the property details to refer to later so you can relax during the tour and truly enjoy your day. 


During this fun, yet extensive tour, you will learn more about Dominican Republic, our amazing real estate opportunities, as well as numerous interesting and beneficial cultural tid-bits, that typically take the average expat 3-4 months to learn on their own.   It is impossible to make a buying or long term rental decision without evaluating the local area and the amenities offered.