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Dominican Republic property sales is ahead of the curve when it is compared to the rest of the Caribbean countries. Even after the housing most recent housing crisis hit the real estate market Dominican Republic was able to pull through easier and faster than any other country in the world. That is because of a couple of factors. We are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (surrounded by water) and almost all of the Dominican Republic is considered prime real estate.

With that being said, the housing market has continued to thrive over the past year and will continue to skyrocket over the foreseeable future.

Right now is a perfect time for buyers, especially first time buyers. The government have continued to offer incentives to investors and tax rates now sit at an all-time low and will continue to keep interest rates low. The market for sellers is beginning to come around as well, as more and more potential sellers are starting to realize that they can now sell their homes for a fair price and purchase something else.